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It Is No Longer November! Share Your Before And After Pics Of Growing A Beard

It is beard season, pandas! There is no better time of year to begin growing a beard compared to November. As both Movember and No-Shave November are occurring this month — two good causes that are encouraging guys across the world to increase awareness of men’s health issues such as men’s suicide, esophageal and prostate cancer — you ought to offer your facial hair a go.

Discuss your before and after pics of developing a beard! The best images will likely be featured in a different article which will be shared on our Facebook webpages, so give yourself the opportunity to turn into Internet-famous.

Have fun with this small transformation

Picture credits: mattswifty

Before And After developing a beard

Picture credits: olykoa

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Picture credits: HULK_SMASH44

My question for you guys. . Who will triumph?

Picture credits: eyup_bolatli

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