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Illustrator Imagines What Stranger Things Characters Do Today, 33 Years After

Together with the exceptionally popular sci-fi TV series Stranger Things back on our screens, Music Magpie has fast-forwarded 33 years into 2017 to provide fans a glimpse of what primary characters in the series would look like today, and what career paths they have taken.

Let us understand, which career option amazed you the most.

Additional information:

Regardless of the horrors of her isolated, captive youth, Nordic managed to conquer her demons.

Following some very temperamental adolescent years (along with a short lived punk stage), she started up mentally and blossomed, placing a halt to the erratic and sometimes reckless unleashing of her skills.

Now, she reserves her telekinetic abilities for de-seeding avocados and strengthening the city’s creatures, for whom she’s the designated patron.

Hobbies: Lease dinner parties & Organizing

All-around excellent man Dustin remains among Hawkins’ most well-known residents.

After a few charms as class president, he tried his hands on the stand-up comedy circuit before returning to the town and settling as a instructor.

As bizarre as well as goofy as ever, he spends far too much of his time attempting to pull the team together — listening to Lucas moan about work, pretending to enjoy Will’s garage band and positively estimating Mike’s clearly ordinary plays.

Barbs (From the hope She’s living), 51, Investigative journalist

Hobbies: Shopping with friends & book bar

We have determined Barb somehow survived her ordeal at the upside-down, since we can not bring ourselves to take the alternate.

Together with her penchant for justice, Barb’s exposé about the disturbing activities happening in Hawkins Laboratory raised her into national prominence.

From that point, her investigative reporting gets her cross-country and spanned seven books; but she constantly calls with her hometown if she is in the place.

And although the 80’s are still a distant memory, go-getter Barb will not retire her oversize, bottle-top eyeglasses.

Can Byers, 46, Project Manager

Hobbies: Band practise, political campaigner

Resilient Will’s frightening ordeal at the upside-down pushed him into the very limits of success.

It is perhaps why he yells in his function as a Project Manager, ” which he states is ‘pretty much a breeze actually, in comparison’.

He threw himself to the grunge scene in the first 90’s and never did set down the guitar, nevertheless championing his garage rock group ‘Demogorgon’ for this day.

Mike Wheeler, 46, Event planner

Age: 46

Profession: Event planner

Hobbies: Amatuer theater, Sudoku

sensitive and Immunology Mike was always the optimist of the bunch.

His talent for direction and outside-the-box believing has seen him rise to prominence as Indiana’s greatest event planner.

In his spare time, Mike is the sole member of this group to (covertly) keep an interest in Dungeons and Dragons, through a internet forum he conducts.

More openly, he expresses his still-active creativity through major Hawkins’ amateur theater group, whose recent productions include the all-singing, all-dancing ‘A Day in the Upside-Down’.

Lucas Sinclair, 46, Accountant

Age: 46

Profession: Accountant

Hobbies: Construction computers and DIY

Sensible and doubtful Lucas was frequently around to maintain the band grounded. Practical and pragmatic, he always got on with the task available, especially in regards to locating his friend Will.

The cynicism and stubbornness we found in his attitude towards Eleven climbed with age but serves him well in his quite ironic profession as an accountant.

Lucas’s inclination to tantrum when things did not go his way carried on also; coming to a head when Dustin defeat him to become Class President at Junior year.

If he could be bothered to attend the band’s dinner parties, he never brings wine and always leaves the oldest.

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