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I use 300- 400 Year-Old Ceramic Trap Out Of Qing Dynasty

I’m Huang Yichuan from Hangzhou, the Paradise in China, and that I make handcraft jewelry for girls for at least 7 decadesago Several years back, my dad gave a few parts of white and blue ceramic for a present to me, that introduced my handmade jewellery travel with historical white and blue porcelain.

Blue and white ceramic is created after the Chinese conventional ceramic firing procedure, with tens of thousands of years old. The majority of the historical official kiln functions are for royal household, with classic and decorative values. Each one of the white and blue ceramic in my jewelry range from Qing dynasty with 300-400 years.

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# white and blue porcelain by Qing dynasty

#3 Oriental character”喜” necklace

#4 Chinese character”喜”rings

Number5 jade-like stud earrings

Number6 square and round assortment rings

#7 tassel stud earrings

#8 chinese character”吉” rings

Number9 extended necklace

Number10 square and round brass ring

# packaging

# my studio

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